AA – South of France and other regions occasionally have special events which we will share below on this page. You can find information about other events throughout Europe on the AA – Continental European Region website.

Upcoming Events

35th AA Triborders Intergroup North Sea Convention

Courage to Change: Embrace a New Dawn of Sobriety at NSC 2024.

Join us for the 35th Annual AA Triborders Intergroup North Sea Convention with Al-Anon Participation from February 2nd to 4th, 2024, at the esteemed Vayamundo Hotel, Ostend, Belgium. This year’s theme, “Courage to Change”, is an invigorating call to the heart, urging everyone to embrace transformation.

Become a part of the legacy!
As we reflect on the courage it takes to change, let’s come together, share our stories, and inspire one another. Attendees, both old and new, play a crucial role in making each convention special.

North Sea Convention Poster

Lodging at NSC Vayamundo Hotel:
The NSC has been allotted 111 rooms (max 25 single occupation), 69 apartments. These are selling out fast so be sure to secure yours soon!
Bookings are made directly with the hotel. We strongly suggest checking instructions on How to Book thoroughly for our website:

Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed these directions…

Amplify Our Voice!
Spread the word about NSC 2024 with our redesigned flyer. Hang it, share it, and be a beacon of hope. Download the NSC 2024 Flyer from our website:

Volunteer with Us! Shape the Convention!
The NSC Planning Committee welcomes all hands on deck. No matter your skills, your passion is what drives the convention forward. Dive into various roles and make a profound impact by joining us. Check our website for more information and come see us at the registration desk on February 2nd to 4th, 2024, to put your name down.

Your dedication and enthusiasm will craft NSC 2024 into a memorable experience for all attendees.

Together, let’s embrace the courage within us and shape our paths to sobriety.

21st International English Speaking AA Convention

Zadar, Croatia / June 7-9, 2024.

We have held 20 international conventions in Croatia so far!   Our 21st will be held next summer (June 7-9, 2024) in a new location in Zadar, which many consider to be the prettiest coastal city in the country.

The convention will be held in the main building of the University of Zadar, there is an affordable hostel nearby, only an 8 minute walk from the convention room called the Boutique Hostel Forum* and accomodation is easy to find with Booking, AirBNB, or the Zadar Travel App.

All relevant information will be posted on the website at, and we would urge you to join our convention group on Facebook at

Croatia Convention Poster